Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some Changes

I turned my dining rm area into a sitting rm, this time I just used my love seat and a couple of chairs isntead of both couches. I moved my island that seperated my kitchen from the dining rm and put it in my laundry rm, are you still following me lol, yeah my husband thinks I'm crazy too but oh well a girl has got to have fun and I love and have to have a change! Anyways I can't show you pic's of my dining table because I have it full of stuff and I'm not finished in there yet but I wanted you to see what I accomplished so far, I can't decide if I want to use my farm table that I have in here now or my round table that I have down in the bunkhouse, decisions decisions, what do you think?? Remember my round table is painted white and I haven't painted my new cane back chairs yet cause it is just so hot. I will be back soon to show ya the rest!!


Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

What ever you do with change it always looks fantastic! I bet you are driving your husbands NUTS!!

Enjoy your day decorating....lol

stefanie said...

looks soooo good!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, where is the black coffee table and I can't picture the island you are talking about. Oh well, it is looking so good and I can't wait to see more pics so I can see everything.

Yep, change is good.


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Cute and cozy and oh so pretty!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, Everything looks so beautiful!!I love the changes you made...Kathy

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Soooo so pretty. Love the look of your blog! My living room has been turned into a gym by my husband. Can I have yours???:)) haha


MelsRosePlace said...

I love what you've done. We are moving from a large house with large furniture to a small one and you have given me some great ideas there with the layout. I think i want a similar look so thank you for sharing. Mel xxx

Mari said...



Denise said...

I love how everything is looking so far!
I really like the sitting area and can't wait to see the rest.
Be sure to post more pic's for us.
I love to rearange things in my home and my sweety is use to it.
When I rearange my house or change the curtains or pillows or anything, it is a real "pick-me-up!"
Have Fun,

mistydf@gmail.com -my new email address
It makes me happy.

Connie said...

I like what you have done. I did that in my other house. I flipped the LR/DR into a DR/LR/Sitting room and I loved the change. After all, you are just moving furniture around. LOL It always makes the house feel so clean and new. You always do a great job.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Kelly...Your changes are always inspiring but you are lucky that your rooms are set up to be interchangeable! I am like you..I have to move things around and have to have a little change! I am anxious to see it all!~Hugs, Patti

Elyse said...

you can do no wrong, kelly!


Lisa said...

Really cute! I love the floral print on your chair! Can't wait to see the rest.:)

Sharon~heartsongs said...

Beautiful! As always!

Juniper Hill Antiques said...

What a beautiful home! You have done a beautiful job decorating, it seems so welcoming and peaceful. When you have some free time you can come do my house!

Dream Mom said...

I love the dining room china cabinet so I hope that didn't get moved, lol! Personally, I like the dining room as a dining room; the concept of a sitting room is o.k. but that's what living rooms and family rooms are for. I do like islands or tables in the laundry room-is there enough room to move your farmhouse table in the laundry room as a folding table? I moved a nice rectangle table to the laundry room for one of my clients and purchased a large vinyl letter (black letter "B" for their last name) and put it in the center of this white table. Looked amazing as a folding table!

I DO love, love, love your new chairs and can't wait to see them painted. That being said, maybe the round table would look better (I haven't seen it though.) only because the chairs have oval/round type backs and that would repeat the shape? It's hard to say without seeing but that's my initial thought.

June said...

Oh I love it Kelly! The room is so warm and full of charm. Is this where I'll sit when I come to visit? hehe Hey I am a master furniture...mover...arounder. We could really drive your hubby crazy!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Just beautiful! I always love anything you do! You have quite the knack;)!


Miss Gracie's House said...

Love the coffee table...and it is fun to move things around but I do hate making decisons, too...LOL...I'm sure it will all be great...

essemia said...

Your room looks just great. So inviting.

And your camper is so lovely too. Wish I could do the same with ours, but I think it's far too new (it's from 2008!). Don't think my DH would allow me to paint in there, lol.

Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

NanaDiana said...

Hi Kelly- I just found you whilst blogging along last night. Don't ask me what link brought me to you-don' know! I love your blog! You are an inspiration and I am going to have fun going back and playing "catch up" with all you have done. We have been looking at old campers too and that is exactly what I want to do with one when we find it. I think it looks like so much fun. Of course, to me, the camper "fix up" part would be the best part of camping. lol

Thanks for the tour and you can bet I'll be back! Diana

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

I love the look of that! Might as well have fun with your house! Now you have me looking around here at what I can move around. lol!

Stacey said...

So pretty! I could definitely hang out in there with a magazine and Diet Coke. :)

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

LOVE all your new changes Kelly!!!!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a gorgeous room!

LOVE the pooped pooches, too cute!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi There~ thanks for your comment and follow on my blog! In answer to your question about the wallpaper in my bathroom- It is from Lowe or Home depot- pretty sure it was lowes. I found most of the bolts there on clearance and had to order 1 extra online. I love the decorating changes you made!! Gorgeous! I'm having a decorating inspiration party this weekend if you'd like to join in! :)

Lydia said...

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Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Love the rooms and the white buffet shelf so nice and so romantic! Love, white it shines. I am a newer blogger and would love for your visit if you get a chance.


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Anonymous said...

очень красиво...жаль что так редко!

Anonymous said...

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