Friday, May 29, 2009

My Other Kitchen Island

Well you all know that I can't leave anything in the same place for long and I don't think I have ever showed you my kitchen with the dresser island in it?? I love the dresser in here cause as you can see it is a small kitchen and I can store my cookware in the drawers so it works great for extra storage. I have it angled here so you can see it better, it's usually straight. I painted it a light pink and added the rose appliques, I want to get some towel bars to add to the side and back if it to hang some pretty dishtowels on, as a matter of fact I found some the other day at Marshall's but the registers went down and I couldn't buy them so I'll have to go back and get them. You can see I put up my red checked curtains for Summer, I thought they looked cute but I don't know how long they will last, LOL! I hope everyone has a great weekend (;

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I've been Up To!

Hi everyone I hope you all had a good holiday, I sure enjoyed my long weekend! First off I'll show you all the pretty stuff, I bought new barstools at a consignment shop, they were from Pier One and still had the tag on them, I got them both for $70.00 and they were originally 115.00 each, so I think I did pretty darn good! I also dont think my boys can break these since they're metal, LOL, I'll keep my fingers crossed you never know with boys!I put my shabby chic covers on them that I already had.
This is my son Shayne with his sweet girlfriend Jamie, they were going to her prom, don't they make a nice couple (; She is a sweetheart! (You too Shayne)

Now on to the other side, that would be the dirty muddy side of my life, bet you would have never thought you would see me on an airboat, I do wear my pink in the Everglades but it usually comes back in a lovely shade of black(just kidding) I am not a very good boat helper, if we get stuck I'm not gettin off, and as a matter of fact right before this pic was taken we were stuck in the muckiest mud I have ever seen, but we got out with alot of help!

This pic is taken on an island out in the Everglades, there is actually a cabin with a.c. and a bathroom here, we stayed here most of the day.

When we were running away from this!!

And admiring the family of hawks that lived in the tree we were standing under, they were not to happy with us. Because of all this fun I didn't get my pantry done, it's still a work in progress but I hope to finish it soon and show you all the pic's. Have a great week!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sneak Peek

Ok so this is what I've finished so far. My husband came home from work yesterday and said the doors look like piano keys, of course I wasn't to thrilled with that comment as he laughed I wanted to hit him with the paint brush, LOL! Actually he is right(but lets not tell him that) and I may just leave the two center doors with the chalk board paint and paint the two end doors with the cottage white, I'm not sure yet. I have some finishing details I want to do and then I'll show ya the rest, I hope everybody has a great Friday, I'm headed to Home Depot (;

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally Some Inspiration!

Whew, I finally found something to redo, no I haven't repainted my whole house, I'm sure Jeff & the boys are glad about that, still sniffling & sneezing but I found something to do that wasn't quite as much work as a whole house redo, by the way I will always have the cottage style in case anyone was wondering. I am redoing my pantry doors(I won't show you the inside yet, it's to scary) but I had Jeff make me these doors for my pantry a while back and never got around to finishing them so I was thinking I would put chalkboard paint in the center of each door to write down grocery lists on and whatever else I come up with, I have some other ideas to finish them off, I'll show ya when I get them done(;

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well first it was my comp that had a virus now it's me!! Although I don't feel well as I lay on my couch I look around and feel the need for change, hmmmmm what can I do different, I can't decide on my style right now, but diffently want something different, do you all do this, as soon as I get things done, I want something different(LeAnn knows what I'm talking about), LOL, I feel the need for color, reds,yellows ya know like Cherry Hill Cottage, love her house and then I see the paired down farmhouse style with the light colors like silver sage and linen and I like that, I know they are complete opposite styles, I actually went and bought a can of Silver Sage paint and havent used it yet, I keep walking around with the paint chip in hand, I don't know maybe it's this head cold?? Now that I've rambled on about me, I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and I hope I'll be back soon with a more interesting post (; What styles do you like right now??

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Big Thank You!

If anyone is wondering, I'm still here! My computer was eaten up by an ugly virus so it has been undergoing major surgery, LOL! I wanted to say thank you all soooo much for your sweet, kind and thoughtful comments that you all left for me about my COTM, it truly meant so much to me, THANK YOU my friends. I feel so blessed to have my blogging friends.
Love & Hugs~Kelly

Friday, May 1, 2009

Someone Pinch Me!!

Hold your ears I''m going to scream)))))))))))))MY HOUSE IS COTTAGE OF THE MONTH!!!!!!!!LOL, boy I''ve been holding that in for too long LOL. My little cottage is COTTAGE OF THE MONTH , I can''t believe it and I am so honored, excited and nervous all at the same time.
Stop by and take a look After a year of waiting to tell everyone I can finally let the secret out. Thank you so much Jennifer, she also featured my camper in the May 08 Summer''s Garden COTM. It has been a fun journey for me and for those who follow my blog you will notice the transformation my house has had through the year, alot has changed, guess I've been busier than I thought, LOL! Jennifer I feel like I have made a wonderful friend ,thanks so much for your encouraging words and sweet compliments!