Monday, November 24, 2008


I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving enjoying family and friends!! Eat lots and lots of turkey and all the fixin's and be thankful for what we have (; Enjoy and big hugs~Kelly

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let's Take A Walk Around My House!

I was bored today and not feeling so good yet so I decided to take you all on a little tour of my house, I I just took some pic's of my favorite little nooks and cranny's I hope you like them (:

This pink feather tree I have in my bedroom.

This is a little corner of my kitchen.

My sparkly sweet church on my coffee table

I bought this rose painting in NC for $20.00 thanks Bette(the artist). I also purchased the easel to display the painting on, it is also an antique.

My tree.......

I took this pic so you could see where I moved my snowmen, they are now on my buffet.

I loved the glow of the lights in this pic, I'm standing in my kitchen and looking into my dining room here. Well that's all for now, I hope you had fun on our little stroll, come back and visit again soon, wait you forgot your gift, I have these cute little bags of eggnog mix for you to take home and enjoy by the fire!! Hugs~Kelly

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hi Everybody!!!

Make sure to scroll all the way down, I added these pic's after I did my first post(: I was just rearranging my stuff and I took the snowmen off my table and put them on the buffet, much better, everyone was complaining about them on the dinner table, they looked good but they were in the way. I also wanted to show you my robins egg blue chargers I bought yesterday at Marshall's, they were on sale for $7.50, these will be my place settings for Christmas, I added some of my antique rose china to them and I love the combination. What do you think?? Keep scrolling down to see the rest.

I sure have missed talking with everyone, thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and for taking the time to leave them for me, it means so much. My whole family has been sick with a terrible cold that just keeps hanging on. Also my Mom is here and we only get a little bit of time together so we try to make the most of it, usually shopping, LOL, so be patient with me, I am visiting all of your blogs, it's just that I don't have as much time right now to write, I feel like a terrible blogging friend! I took a couple of pic's the little shelf above was made by my Pop, it is in my kitchen, so I use it for storing my glass jars with sugar, tea etc. I treasure this little shelf (; Below is my cabinet in my pantry/laundry room, don't you just love the white feather wreath! I display my glass cake dishes and apothacary jars up there on top, one of the jars is filled with snow and a pinecone, I also have some faux cupcakes on my cake dishes I also have aprons on the hook ready for baking!! I'll be back soon with more.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas..........

I just thought I would show you some of the Christmas decor I have been putting up, I always decorate early for Christmas, my sister has younger kids than me so we celebrate Christmas at her house soooo I do Thanksgiving here at my home so to get the best of both holidays I put up my Christmas decor or no one would get to see it! I put my collection of snowmen on my dining room table , see the little table cloth they are sitting on, my Mom made that for me. My pink Santa sits on my fireplace along with my RA stockings, I love them!! I will have more pic's soon. Have a good weekend everybody!!
P.S. Sorry about the duplicate pic's I couldn't get them to download so I did it twice and then they all appeared??

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Rest of the Tour!!

These are my favorite pictures of my Mom's house, this is a sweet little window she has in her hallway.
I love this pink dresser she has on the landing of her stairway. Guess you know where I get my love of pink from!

A cute little place to hang winter scarves and jackets. Notice the roses on the mirror, I almost stuck this in my suitcase to bring home, but it wouldn't fit (;

See the Screen door here and the old windows, this is actually a bathroom, what a neat idea, don't ya think. (See the lace she has on the inside of the screen door, so pretty.

This is her bedroom, the fireplace was made by my husband Jeff. I slept like a baby in here it's so cozy.

Look at the closet doors, they are made from a screen by Rachel Ashwell, Target, I bought it and my Mom loved it so much I gave it to her, she had it made into her closet doors. Such a good job Mommy. She has a special touch with things, she can just throw things together so easily and it has a way of always looking so pretty.

Her cute little fireplace again, couldn't ya just curl up with a good book here.

And last but diffently not least, her new baby, well claw foot tub. I am so jealous!!LOL. I helped her put this room together while I was visiting, we picked out a chandelier and put it up and then hung her shelf and added all her girly accessories! We also put the old window up above the shelf and hung some lace over it. I love the way it turned out. Happy soaking Mom!! Thanks for all the sweet, loving and beautiful memories. I love you!!!!!!! I hope you all enjoyed the tour. I would also like to add that even though my Dad doesn't get any credit for the decorating he is our best tour guide and always finds new adventures for us, the three of us have always gone on road trips ever since I was a little girl and we still enjoy our time riding to no where and somehow always find amazing places that we never knew we were looking for and all the while my Mom and I telling him how to drive, I really don't know how he drives that car without us in it, LOL. Poor guy.

Welcome Home!!

We're here, my Mom's house is just up this driveway, can you see it peeking through the trees up on that hill, let's go!
Oops this picture was suppose to be first, how do I always do that??

Her cute red screen door is so welcoming.

She has this table on her front porch just waiting for some company!

Oh and this is her cute bike she painted. She wanted it to look like the bike that I have on my Christmas wish list, she did a good job don't ya think! I will be back with more pic's but I have to go to work so when I'm done I will post some pic's of the inside of her cute home! Have a great day!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Over The Hills and Through The Woods...........

To my Mom and Dad's house we go! It's just down this quaint little drive.
Oh slow down, we have to make a left here at the horses(that's my Dad's joke).

We are almost there!!

Do you see it, down there, we are almost home!! That's my Mom's house with the red roof! More to come later. I sure missed everyone but I had a very relaxing vacation and I even got to see snow, it was like visiting for Fall and Winter!(: