Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Flea Market Finds!

This is a quick post but I wanted to show ya what I found at a little flea market we went to on Sat. Look at this champaigne bucket, LOVE IT and I thought it was a good deal for $20.00, it's so heavy! I added some shredded paper and just popped one of my sweet little snowmen in it for Christmas, I just love it!
I couldn't get to this lampshade fast enough when I saw it, the lace is so pretty on it! The pic below is with it lit.............( in case your wondering $10.00 for the lampshade)

Oops you'll have to turn your head sideways for this one, sorry, I picked up these dishes for $10.00 and it included 3 platters and a sugar and creamer, it isn't a complete set but I will just mix them with others I have. Have a great week, I'm off to enjoy time with my Mom (;

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where my tree ended up!!

I don't think I have ever moved a tree around as much as I have this one, LOL, I tried really hard to make it work the way it was but there was just not enough room so I had to move everything back to it's original place and it's finally done!! My Mom and Dad will be here today and I have lots to do so I hope you enjoy the few pic's I was able to take and now I need to get busy with all the other stuff that I haven't been able to get done. Merry Christmas (;
P.S. These pic's don't do it justice it looks prettier in person, I had a difficult time getting a good pic and you can hardly see my lights ):

Friday, December 4, 2009

I sure wish you all were here!

Well I should know how to do this posting by now but I usually put the pic's on first and this time I decided to write first so all my text went to the bottom and do you think I know how to move it NOPE I sure don't LOL! So enjoy the pic's and then you can read why I need you all here!

I sure wish you all were here to help me decide where to put my tree, I don't have enough room, LOL, I want it in my living rm but since I moved my living rm to my dining rm I don't have enough space for my tree, I did this to make more rm for Thanksgiving dining and I really like it this way but where to put the tree! Do you think you could stop by and help me, pleeeese? I just keep standing in the middle of the rms thinking hmmmm what do I do now, move it all back the other way??

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy December!!

Did you all forget about me?? It seems like I haven't posted forever, I have been so busy . I'm trying to catch up around here we went out of town the day after Thanksgiving so I am just now getting my Christmas decorating done, I don't even have a tree yet, I usually decorate before TG but decided to wait this year, just let me say never again!! I have moved my dining rm to my living room, I did this for TG and I like it for now, the only problem is where to put the tree??
This lovely chair, actually I bought two of them, to try out my new paint sprayer, well I needed something to try it out on right, LOL, by the way I LOVE the sprayer, it worked perfectly! The picture below is the after, shhhh don't tell but it still needs another coat so don't look to close, they came with the green velvet seat cushions which I do like but I am hoping when my Mom comes for Christmas she will make me some new slips out of linen or something, keeping my fingers crossed for that!

My buffet which I'm still tweaking my decorations on...................

Oh and my dining rm table, notice its a different table, I brought my farm table up to my house from the bunkhouse, it's nice for a change, my centerpiece is a pretty sled I bought at Marshalls and I stuffed it full of my snow men. The pic below is the same as the first one but I loaded them wrong and I had the ugly chair as the first one, I couldn't do that yuk! Well thats it for now, I hope everyone had a happy TG holiday and hopefully I will be back with some more holiday pic's soon (: