Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Back!!

Well for my first post, I had to show you a picture of my living room. Now what makes this special is that LeAnn from helped me come up with this new look via telephone and internet! That's right I actually heard my twins voice for the first time, we like to call each other twins because we both have so many of the same habits and taste. Anyway she thought I should try to angle the couch so you get a view of my fireplace that is to the left, my window and my t.v. I like it, it is nice for a change. I did just notice that I have my t.v. on in the picture, oops. Plus if I leave it like this til I start decorating for Christmas, then I have plenty of room for my tree in front of the window! I also wanted to thank everyone that left me comments about my blog, you know it is very frustrating and a bit scary and it makes you realize how important you all have become to me, it's like having lots and lots of friends out their and I wouldn't want to lose anyone of you! Please let me know if I forgot anyone on my list, I tried to remember everyone, but as you can see I had alot of my fav's.
Big Hugs~Kelly


Forever Vintage said...

I like the new look... but I think you still need sheers to soften the windows!.. I think it would look really soft and romantic at night. Especially now that the cold nights are coming.. Well I live in Canada and the cold nights have started here!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

I'm so glad you got you blog fixed....that would be so sad to have everything lost.....I love Susan Rios....her rose cottage is fabulous.....I don't think there is one print of hers I do not like.....
Mo :-)

Anonymous said...

I found you, I found you. I am so glad you got everything fixed, you poor thing. That is so frustrating. I do love your couch angled. But it looked great the other way too.


Kim's Cottage said...

I'm here! (not exactly the BEST news you've gotten today, huh? LOL ;-)

I put your new link on my blog. But I'm hesitant to take off the old link because you have so many pics of your beautiful home and info on there.

Maybe you could add a link to your old blog here? So your readers can go back through your archives...or so you can still link to past posts and whatnot. I don't know; I just hate to see all your hard work lost in cyber space.

Your new living room arrangement is wonderful. LeAnn gave you some really good ideas.



I love the change!!! It's just beautiful and the tree will look so perfect there! Now enjoy it.


Liz said...

Yay! I found you... the last couple of times I looked at your blog it looked like you were having issues.
I love this blog and will change my bookmark for you!
: )


Becky said...

Hi Kelly,
I really like the new look of your living room.
You twins came up with a nice look.
But I thought we were triplets?lol
Glad you are back. I will try through my sidebar to direct people to you.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I found ya,glad I didn't loose ya dear !

Paula said...

Dear Kelly,

I am sorry you have had problems with your blog. I am glad you started a new one and will continue to share your beautiful home and decorating with us!

Your living room looks so pretty! I love the new arrangement and all of your Autumn touches are lovely!


Kathysue said...

goodmorning Kelly, I am so glad you told me about your blog. How fun to really meet you and see your lovely home. We have something in common, I also have 3 sons. I use to call it my 3 ring circus, what fun we had when they were growing up,but at the end of the day Mom was really tired. I love your living room. I was going to suggest floating your sofa but I see you have already done that, I probably would square it up but I am not big on floating pieces at an angle. The chairs in the window are perfect!I saw a cute idea at a friends house to cover the tv she used a quilt with other quilts folded on top of the tv. It looked totally cottagy. have a great day . I loved the fall decor looks perfect. You really are talented. Kathysue

Lee Laurie said...

I love your living room. Very pretty. Im glad that you got your blog fixed. Your Christmas tree will look beautiful in front of those windows.

Sue said...

Hi Kelly,
Your new blog looks just great. I really liked how you and Leann came up with your new arrangement. The sofa looks really nice angled, it kind of visually seperates your space nicely. Team work is great!
I know what you mean about blog friends I would hate to loose all of you too.

Elizabeth G. said...

Hi! I love what you did to your room. Of course, I have no idea how you had it before, but i love the angle to the couch. I love all the white.

You white-lovers are starting to make me wish I had all white stuff.

Check out my blog, when you have time, and see my Fall decor. Any suggestions? You have great taste.


Elizabeth G. said...

Kelli, you are brilliant!! I am working on it and will come back either tonight or tomorrow when I get it all fixed up.


MelsRosePlace said...

Oooh it looks gorgeous...i am sorry it has taken me so long to visit and thank you for visiting my blog! will be back soon, Mel xxx
(ps yes it was paving paint!)

Cynthia S. said...

lol, ok, now I see the sofa, just had to scroll down :) It looks stunning, love it!!

Anonymous said...