Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

I figured I better get these photos posted before the holiday was already over! I meant to do this last week but ya know how that goes sometimes, I took these before my new buffet cabinet was in my dining rm so you will notice my old cabinet still in there. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween (;

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

She's Here!!

Well she has arrived and I love my new buffet , isn't she pretty! I have always wanted one and back in June I went into the store and there she was but a little too pricey for me so we said our goodbyes and I moved on, then last week I went back and to my surprise she was still there waiting for me and her price had been marked to half off! Yeah! So I figured it was meant to be (: I know she is not perfect but I don't care, my only decision is to paint or not to paint?? I am enjoying her at the moment with the natural wood, what do you think?

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Pumpkin Topiary!

Well I have seen quit a few people making these pumpkin topiaries, I thought they were cute and it was something I couldn't kill so it was a perfect idea for me also I was in Michaels over the weekend and the pumpkins were 60% off sooooo here it is, I made two but I don't have them set where I want them yet, thats another post cause I have something new that hasn't been delivered to my house yet and I want to set them on either side of it. Just in case someone didn't see them elsewhere, I used a wooden dowel to keep them together, put some stickers on them and that's about it, so simple that's the kind of crafting projects I like! Oh and the urn came from Walmart . I am so excited that we finally cooled off here in S. Florida, a cold front moved through yesterday and I am enjoying the change although it doesn't last long but I will take whatever I can get (;

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sweet Dreaming!

Just thought I would show some of these pretty beds and linens I was dreaming about tonight, the first two headboards are available on Target .com and I think they were $399.00 approx. and they have free shipping, I looked at them a couple of weeks ago so I can't remember the exact amount (; I really like the second one!
Wouldn't it also be pretty with a slipcover like this one , I am in love with this bed, everything in this pic is just perfect, I would even leave the chandelier there, I could just move my legs to the side to sleep, LOL!! The rest of the pic's below are from Bella Notte Linens.

Love this..................aaahhhh what a dream!!
I hope everyone has sweet dreams and a great weekend(;

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bye Bye Blue !!

Well I painted again and I feel like a copy cat, I hate to copy but I did! I really tried not to I swear, but after several paint samples and $40.00 later I ended up using the same color as Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage,(you can click on the link on my sidebar) I can't help it if she is brilliant and I loved her new Cottage 8 color, whats a girl to do! So Canvas Natural from Ralph Lauren it is (; I still don't have everything back together yet but I wanted to show you my new look here, more accessorizing to do, yeah the fun part, the hard part is I really don't know what I like yet I'm still trying to figure it out, I do know that most of my pink is gone.
Ok maybe I do copy but doesnt everyone, right, I stopped by The Lettered Cottage to see what Layla(you can click in the link on my sidebar) was up to and she had a picture of a ladies house that she used for inspiration for a customer and I loved the draw pulls that she did on her buffet so I tried it on mine, what do u think? I had an old shower curtain that I was going to get rid of and I ripped it up and made the draw pulls , it's cute for a change.

Just thought I would show ya my living rm with my new rug from Shabby Chic(Target) it has the same robins egg blue in it as my hutch, which I have moved back to the living rm, my family thinks I have lost my mind, LOL! I have a funny story to tell ya, I feel famous, the other day I was in the store and this girl and I were talking and then she looked at me kind of funny and said you look so familiar?? Then she said omg Jennifer The Old Painted Cottage your house was on there, omg I loved your house, do you give house tours?? I laughed and I think my face turned red I was so flattered though, how cool is that! It's the first time it's happened to me and she also gave me her number and said if I wanted to sell anything she would be interested, I didn't ask her if she read my blog or if she just looks at Jennifers, I didn't want to burst my own bubble, LOL but Rebecca if your reading this, thanks so much you made my day, month, year!!