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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Posts ~One Day

Me again, well after I posted earlier the decorating bug hit me again, LOL, I have been searching for something and I didn't know what, to put on either side of my armoire, I wanted it to be the same on both sides and then it hit me! I have had these shutters that my Mom got at a garage sale, they were an ugly brown color soooooo I painted them and distressed them then hung them here, I also hung some old ball jars from them which I plan on putting fresh flowers in! I love it and it will be nice for Summer for flowers oh and I can't forget to mention the bird house or my hubby will be very upset with me, we just redid our front porch and he made me some birdhouse stands out of the old posts aren't they cute! Go green~recycle & reuse.

Just a Little Nesting!

I wanted to show you what I think will be my table setting for our Easter dinner, I saw this idea somewhere, sorry I can't remember where but I used a 14"wreath under my china and it looks like a birds nest to me, I thought it was cute and wanted to share it with you.
I also loved my yellow daisy's in my window, it's hard to get a good pic looking towards so much light so I hope you can see it good enough, it's simple but that's what I have been in the mood for, probably because it feels like Summer here in FL. Simple and less cluttered (believe it or not I took down most of my Easter stuff, it just felt like too much??)

Another view of my pretty yellow flowers in my living rm. See the tv cabinet, I had it down in the bunkhouse and decided I was tired of looking at my flat screen tv so I had the boys bring it back up to the house, now do I paint or not paint it, what do you all think?? I hope everyone is having a good week, talk soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!!

I kinda feel like I'm in Spring overload!! I was just talking with René @ and I told her that I was trying to use less pink, then I started taking out my Easter Decor and it looks like most of my Easter stuff is pink, what's a girl to do, I am going to start putting my pink away(Ithink) after the holiday though. I love it but I have noticed the trends changing and alot more nuetral palete even more so lately or is it that I am liking the nuetral palete more and have overloaded on my fav color for too long now?? Anyhoo , we'll see but for now I hope you will enjoy some of my Easter goodies that I wanted to share with you.

This cute little duck was my Nana's................

I know I have showed you all the chalkboard in my dining rm but I added the chocolate bunnie on each side of the NEST letters......................

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!

I sure have missed you guys!! So sorry I have been MIA lately, my Mom was here for a visit and I was enjoying spending time with her and honestly it went by way to fast ): I miss my MOMMY already!! Today I was busy trying to visit everyone and catch up on what has been going on out here, I feel so detached from all my blogging friends! I was honored to see that Cindy mentioned ME and my Ikea couches on her famous and inspiring blog she is going to sell her couches and will be purchasing new ones from Ikea. So I thought I would show my living rm pic again, I haven't had much time to take any new pic's recently. I hope everyone is enjoying Spring and starting to feel some spring like weather, I know alot of you have been freezing and could use some warm weather!! You could always come here to FL for a visit?? That would be fun, I have plenty of rm for guests, LOL. Well I'm off to finish catching up with everyone.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gotta Love A Garage Sale!!

Hi girls, I could hardly wait to show everybody my garage sale find!! I forgot to download my before pic of it but it was black so I painted it cottage white and they had already put chalkboard paint on it so it was perfect, I just love it! By the way it also has a message board insert that goes where the chalkboard area is, I still have to recover it with material, I bought this for $10.00 can you believe it! I think it's handmade, it's made so well and heavy. I put it above my fireplace in my dining room, I could also write my menus here or special messages for birthdays or any special occasions, it should be fun addition to my dining rm, now where to put the mirror I took down, hmmmm??
I bought these oh so cute teacups at Homegoods, they have a little red on them and I've been wanting to add some more color for Spring and Summer so these will be perfect somewhere (; and the book I picked up at Marshalls, love the colors on this too!

A sweet little Easter sign that I couldn't pass up (:

And last but diffently not least I bought these towels that I am in love with, I think I need more, lots more, see the beautiful edging on them (just in case you can't see it good, I took a close up below) they look handmade and how sweet are the cherries hanging on there!! I hope everyone is having a good week, I need to stay home, NO MORE SHOPPING, that's what I keep telling myself but some how my car always ends up at my favorite stores, I'm taking it to the shop for work tomarrow maybe I should tell them about this problem, LOL. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns about my knee, it is still giving me trouble but it is getting better.
Big Hugs~Kelly

UPDATE~you can purchase the towels at

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's A Giveaway!!

Swing on over to my sweet friend Cynthia and enter her giveaway!! She has lot's of great cottage goodies for us!! Thanks Cyn~Love Ya (;